Gear to Take in Your Backpack on Cycling Trips – Cycling Pack List

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Depending on where you are going cycling, you might want to bring quite a bit of gear with you to be ready for anything. If you are cycling around town, that is one thing—riding in the mountains deep on rugged trails miles from the road is a completely different ball game. We will tailor this list to be more for back country mountain riding, because that is where you will need more than your average gear.

Not all cyclists will want to carry all of this gear on every outing, but if you are going on a long ride in the back country; this is a pretty thorough cycling list to go by.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a very important item to bring along on your cycling trips. If you injure yourself deep on a mountain trail you might really regret not having on on hand. They are very inexpensive and small enough to fit in a corner or small pocket of your cycling backpack.

Tire Repair Kit

I doubt I need to explain this mandatory item too much. If you get a flat without a repair kit, you’ll be walking (perhaps a very long way). Don’t forget to include a pump and a multi tool to include in your kit!

Water Filter/Purifier

Sometimes in the mountains it just isn’t feasible to carry enough water. If you get in a predicament that keeps you out there all night, you won’t want to get dehydrated. Also, if you know the trail you are taking follows a creek or stream, by all means—why carry a bunch of heavy water?

This water filter in the video below is a good choice. You simply scoop up the water, replace the top and you are ready to enjoy cold, clean water.


Protein bars and peanuts will be a welcome snack if you end up riding further and longer than you anticipated. Snack foods are lightweight, yet worth their weight in gold wen you want them.

Rain Gear

Hypothermia will set in quickly if you get caught up in a mountain rain storm. Be ready for it by packing a decent set of cycling rain gear.

Other Essentials

  • Flash light
  • Sunscreen
  • Cell or satellite phone
  • Eye protection (sunglasses and clear lenses)

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