Cycling Backpack

So, cycling is your passion and you love to go for long and short cycling trips from time to time. Well, if this is the case then you have come just at the right page. A cycling backpack is a must while you are out on a cycling trip as you need to carry your luggage with you so that you have all your essential things with you for using in your trip. A Cycling Backpack is a wearable luggage and you have a lot many great options to take your pick from. With respect to style, functionality, weather proofness, ability and comfort level, let us take a look at some of the best cycling backpacks in town.

North Face Vault Rucksack

This one is traditional in terms of looks and is a perfect entry level bag. A standard design that comes in a sporty style the North Face Vault Rucksack is one cool cycling gear to check out for. This rucksack features straps at the right places so that they give you the desired amount of comfort as well as security. This rucksack cycling bag features two different compartments where you can store your important stuffs and have easy access to your knick knacks whenever you need them. The price is also very reasonable, so you can pick one North Face Vault Rucksack the next time you go shopping for your cycling backpack.

Cycling BackpackBlind Chic Leather Fox

This is one stylish backpack that is a bit different from the rest of the lot. The Blind Chic Leather Fox is a roll at the top design that is a retro design and comes in waxed cotton material. You can get some cool sober colors such as olive green, light blue, khaki and may others. The one thing to consider here is that this backpack is not as weather proof as the other designs that are available in the market. This is mainly because of its cotton material as a result of which it is not able to withstand the harsh effects of the weather such as sunlight, rain, storm, etc. But, it does goes on to be used for a year at least if you use it properly. After all, waxed cotton is a trusted material. This backpack comes with a separate pocket at the front, has robust and secured straps along with a fully padded back. So, if you want to set out cycling in full style then this is the right backpack for you.

Chrome Industries Yalta Night

This is a killer design when it comes to cycling backpacks. The Chrome Industries Yalta Night actually does and has it all. It has a side access compartment for laptop that measures up to 14 inches. It has a whopping 29 liter capacity and a stainless steel and adjustable closure main compartment. A pocket at the front, sternum straps, reflective panel to enable night riding, underarm compression buckles among other noteworthy features. This Cycling Backpack is waterproof and so much at this that you can dive into the sea for a diving session with this backpack on. Please note that if you are buying the new Chrome Industries Yalta Night then ultimately all your eventualities will be covered. Be it for commuting or for day trips or for a touring holiday, this backpack will be your perfect companion no matter wherever you go.

Road Runner Bags Evil Mini Rolltop

A marvelous idea indeed! This cycling backpack comes in a small A 4 size packet as it can be rolled down to such a tiny size. Once you roll it out and open it you have the awesome Road Runner Bags Evil Mini Rolltop in which you can throw uncountable important stuff of yours and put it on your bag and dash on to your cycling trip. Apart from being really lightweight, this backpack is waterproof and shockingly robust. This backpack is actually a must have especially if you are leaving your clothes at office and don’t want to look stupid by carrying an empty bag on your back on your way back home. This one functional backpack which is excellent for everyday commuting and once you unpack it you can actually fit it into a drawer.